About Me
BioI’m Pam, a 20-something Midwest transplant living with my husband in Delaware. I work full time and my husband is a Ph.D. student. Now that I’ve reached some token “grown up” milestones (graduating, getting a job, getting married, moving across the country), I’ve gotten the urge to carve out a life I can be proud of. And thus this blog was born to document my journey.

Launching this blog was not an overnight event. Not even a close. I worried about what my friends and family, and even strangers, would think of me, my interests, my choices, and the fact that I’m putting it all out there on the interwebs. But it’s about damn time I stop caring about that. I’m working on becoming the person I want to be. And I’m learning a lot of cool things in the process. This blog is my way of documenting those steps and missteps and sharing them with others. The thing I love about blogs is the community. So many people sharing and growing and lifting each other up. I’ve learned so much from blogs and forums and groups online, and I hope someday to inspire others too.


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