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Hello internets. It’s me again – the blogger who always disappears and comes back months (or years) later for more. Oh, I’m not the only one? Well, okay then, moving on.

So, since I last posted here, a lot has changed. The biggie being our relocation back to the homeland: Minnesota. We left Delaware in November of last year, and although there are a handful of things we miss, we are absolutely tickled to be back. I could go on for days about my love of this place, but that’s for another post.

Near the top of our to-do list upon settling into our new home was finding local food. Now, the growing season here is considerably shorter than out East (chalk one in the Delaware column, I suppose), but we found a plethora of CSA options to choose from in the area. We settled on Nystrom Farms out of western Wisconsin. They are an up-and-coming CSA farm, and we felt good about supporting them in their growth.

CSA season is 18 weeks here (as opposed to the 21 or 22 weeks that we’ve had the last two years). We got our first share delivered to our home today (another bonus of a small farm). It’s a bit sparse, but the weather here has been horrendous (late spring, second wettest June EVER). But I’m keeping optimistic about the next 17 weeks. Here’s what we got:


eggs, lettuce, basil, rhubarb, spring onions

Here’s what we’re eating this week, incorporating this stuff and also herbs from our patio garden. Meal planning will be Wednesday-Tuesday for the remainder of CSA season, since we like to plan around the fresh stuff (duh).