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It’s another beautiful day here in Delaware. So lovely in fact, that I really don’t feel like blogging much. So let’s get straight to the goods, shall we?

Womp womp … first thing I see is more beets. I might try them grated raw. If that doesn’t go over, I’ll roast and puree them, then freeze to use in baking and smoothies over the coming months. Also the little jar was a mystery item. I cracked it open for a taste, and I’m going with some type of spiced apple butter.

CSA Week 10peaches, potatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, onion, tomatoes, beets, carrots, spiced apple butter

This week, we’re getting ready to head on a big honkin’ road trip to Minnesota. So it’s “clean out the fridge and don’t buy lots of groceries” week.

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