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We’re really moving into the heart of summer now. John was very excited about this week’s haul. He’s been waiting patiently for the chance to make his own fresh salsas. Now we’re finally seeing the tomatoes and peppers and onions he needs. He also scored himself a nice cantaloupe (I’m not a fan). The only really bummer was getting beets again. I use the greens for smoothies, which is fine, but the actual root part is still not something we love. We’re going back to a beet recipe we made last year that we found palatable … but if anyone wants my beets for the rest of the summer, I’d gladly send them your way.


cantaloupe, green bell pepper, heirloom tomatoes, jalapenos, onion, beets, corn, potatoes

Here’s what we’ve got planned for meals. We’re working on a few things left from last week, but feel pretty confident we’ll be able to polish all of this produce off by next Sunday.