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Rain. That’s the story around here. Our area in Delaware ended the month of June with 12+ inches of rain. It’s been coming down in sheets for weeks, and it’s humid as all get out (whatever that means). It makes me nervous for our CSA farm and how the crops are going to fare. Here’s hoping July brings some drier air and sunny days!

Bugs are the other story around here. A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon this article and it resonated with me in kind of a funny way, thanks to our CSA experience. John and I often talk about how our expectations for food are very different from the grocery store versus buying directly from the farmer or growing it in a garden. At the store, you only pick up the apple with no bruises and the pepper with even coloring. And bugs in your grocery store produce? No way! We’d freak! But, on the flip side, I found three worms tonight in our CSA broccoli alone. I still get a little squeamish, sure. But I pull those little guys off, put them outside, and continue to clean and prep. It’s just goes to show this stuff isn’t sprayed to death with poison. And it’s almost like I have a soft spot in my heart for those little bugs that live such a happy life amongst our delish veggies. What a weirdo, I am!


blueberries, lettuce (two types), beets, broccoli, kale, onions, zucchini (two types), green (and wax) beans

Recipes we’re going to try out this week (with it being a holiday week, I’m not too concerned about planning each day in detail):

One thing I am looking for: green bean recipe suggestions. Last year I got really sick of them, and I’m sure we’ll get lots of them again this year. It’s not that I dislike beans; I’m just not very creative with them.