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As I write this, I’m eating a salad with lettuce from last week. I’m actually pretty pleased with the fact that it’s not limp and slimy (another perk of getting your food FRESH). My point? Well, we were quickly reminded how overwhelming this much produce can be. We did not make it all the way though last week’s haul (although close), and we have a fridge full of leftovers.

I remember early in the season last year being the same situation: lots of greens and other vulnerable stuff that doesn’t last long in the fridge. Totally different from late summer and fall when you get root veggies and squashes and the like — items you can count on hanging around for a few weeks no problem. But so far this year, we haven’t thrown anything away due to spoilage!

This week we’ve only got a few nights at home. The Mister and I are attending the 1968 Exhibit opening party at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Thursday night (he helped write/design part of the exhibit when we lived in Minnesota, now it’s on tour). Then we’re off to Milwaukee for a wedding bright and early Friday morning. So when I stopped to pick up our CSA goodies this morning, I asked them to go easy on me, so we didn’t end up leaving town with a fridge full of food. Our CSA folks are great about being flexible. They even offered to give us extra next week to make up for it.


kale, spinach, asparagus, strawberries, lettuce

I threw some spinach and strawberries in the blender as soon as I got home for a refreshing smoothie. I’ll probably be doing that a couple more times this week (with some combo of yogurt, banana, coconut oil, honey, flax, etc.). Otherwise, we’re looking at this relatively simple meal plan for the week (with all those existing leftovers for lunches):