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I doubt anyone is sitting around waiting for new posts from me, since I’ve abandoned this thing for months. But I’m back with a new CSA season and hopefully new energy toward my blog. I’m playing around with a new blog identity in the hopes of finding something that really inspires me and feels like it fits right.

Without further ado: vegetables! Local, naturally grown, fresh, in-season, delicious vegetables. This is our second year with a community-supported agriculture (CSA) share from a local farm. We have two “free” CSA weeks from The Farm Stuff before the official 20-week CSA season starts. We love our farm and the abundance and variety of goodies we get. This was last week’s haul.


spinach, escarole, rhubarb, mustard greens, dandelion greens, spring onions, asparagus, pumpkin butter

Here’s what we made: