Meal plan came together pretty easy this week sans CSA produce. I think that’s because we’ve got quite a bit still leftover (turnips, potatoes, onion, garlic, squash). So we of course worked that stuff into this week’s meal plan. I’m excited for some of the tasty fall flavors we’re emphasizing.


  • Easy pad thai with cream cheese wontons
    It’s the Mister’s birthday! I was excited to find this recipe for pad thai on Pinterest. Like (I suspect) so many others, I’ve steered clear of making pad thai at home because it calls for so many foreign (to me) ingredients that I don’t want to buy, use once, and then waste. Cream cheese wontons may not be Thai in origin, but this is America. We’ll eat those puppies with anything resembling Asian food.


  • Sweet potato turnip soup
    Monday night is actually yoyo night. I’ll be preparing this today for quick meals throughout the week. We’ll eat it with some simple bread and butter, I’m thinkin’.


  • Wilted arugula and pear salad
    This looks like a tasty little salad that I’m going to zest up a bit with some walnuts and proscuitto, perhaps a baguette on the side.



  • Slow-cooked pork shoulder with sauerkraut, sweet potato, and apple
    When the Mister and I were dating, I surprised him one night by making a German meal (or what I consider a German meal): pork, sauerkraut, and dumplings. He was floored by this and has since referred to it as my “frau dinner.” I am going to take a different spin on the frau dinner with this recipe. It looks delish and I can’t wait to try it.


  • Thai noodles with spicy peanut sauce
    Two thai noodle dishes in one week? Yes, that is the case. It just worked out that we’re really craving this household favorite. We use rice noodles and whatever fresh veggies we have on hand (I think it will be green pepper, pea pods, and carrots).


  • Banana crumb muffins
    I’ve made these before a couple times. A few bananas in the freezer have found their fate. I think I’ll try ’em with white whole wheat flour, my new flour of choice.
  • Yoyo/leftovers/freezer food
    Keeping our options open, depending on how much food we’ve got in the fridge and what were up to.