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The CSA season is winding down. Only two more weeks of pick up. What the heck are we going to do after that? I hate buying produce at the grocery store now. It’s always gross and old and expensive (organic). We’ve got some veggies stocked in the freezer, but apartment living doesn’t allow for much food preservation and storage (I’m sure there are people who would beg to differ, but I’m not into clutter…not one bit.) I dream of the day I have a full size deep freeze to call my very own (wow, nerd alert).

I didn’t plan it this way, but apparently we’re using quite a few freezer randoms in this week’s meals. It’s nice to have that stuff to fall back on.

Here’s what we’re working with: acorn squash, green bell pepper, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, turnips, radishes, onion.


  • Buffalo chicken bites with potato and turnip cakes and salad
    We used up the turnips and last week’s lettuce in this throw-together lunch.
  • Loaded baked potato chowder
    I had this soup at a Pampered Chef party years ago. It’s a simple and tasty recipe that’s easily doctored up (if you can get over all the product pitches in the instructions).


  • Yoyo


  • Penne with squash and goat cheese
    We didn’t make this a couple weeks ago. I’m actually going to try it this time with our (real) acorn squash. The mystery squash is still on top the fridge waiting for it’s fate.


  • Corn and black bean enchiladas with chips and homemade salsa
    We have leftover enchilada filling in the freezer. It’s basically corn, black beans, bell pepper, garlic, and onion, all sauteed together. Then we use Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce and cheese stuffed inside corn tortillas. The Mister is going to whip up some salsa with CSA peppers, garlic, onion, and cilantro (hanging on from last week).


  • Pulled pork sandwiches on homemade buns with honey balsamic carrots and zucchini
    The pulled pork is leftover from last weekend (in the freezer, I promise). I’m going to make some fresh buns and also try out this Pinterest carrot recipe. I figure I can throw in zucchini, since it’s mild and will probably take on these flavors nicely.


  • Out
    We’re going to a social event and will probably bring a dish to pass, but I have no idea what yet.


  • Caramelized onion and proscuitto pizza
    What’s not to like here? A ball of pizza dough in the freezer makes this even sweeter (read: easier). I might add roasted red peppers to half … see if that tickles the palate.