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Another late post. Whoops. And it’s going to be a short one.

One topic that came up this week, chatting with other members at the CSA stand, which I found interesting … growing seasons.

I should preface it by saying that the Mister and I are from Minnesota. Much of Minnesota has already had nights below freezing this fall. It’s deep into harvest season and most people’s gardens are done around now. On the flip side, what’s weird to me is reading about people who have just started their gardens in the south (e.g., my sister lives in Phoenix, and she planted tomatoes in the winter last year). This is foreign to us … you just don’t even think about it. Beyond that, Delaware has a much more temperate climate, and I guess it’s not uncommon to do two growing seasons for greens and other “spring” veggies. And that explains our produce haul this week. Honestly, I think it’s awesome that here we get two rounds of produce in one year. One point for Delaware.

Without further ado: kale, carrots, collard greens, lettuce, cilantro, potatoes, red onion, eggplant, red bell pepper, sweet potatoes.


Here’s what we’ve been eating and will be eating:



  • Yoyo
    We had leftover pulled pork for lunch and leftover root veggie stew for dinner. Hint for anyone who wants to make this stew: don’t use beets unless you want to eat hot pink dumplings.


  • Chicken teriyaki stir fry with peppers, carrots, and green beans over brown rice
    Nothing too impressive here. We used store-bought sauce.


  • Collard greens with bacon, cornbread, and sweet potato souffles
    This was our attempt at a southern meal — something we’re really not accustomed to. In this house, we don’t really take issue with not having a defined “main dish” (read: meat). If it’s enough food, what does it matter? All in all, turned out well. I totally winged the sweet potatoes (took bits and pieces of four recipes to make my own based on what we had in the house).


  • Ground beef tacos with leftover cornbread
    Pretty straightforward here. I do make my own taco seasoning, and you should too (gross stuff in the packets — read the label!).


  • Eggplant parmesan pizza
    This is a tested and proven recipe. We’ve become real comfortable with pizza on Friday nights, on the floor of the living room, watching Netflix. Oh, the exciting life of a married couple.


  • Yoyo
    Leftovers and TBD. I’m meeting friends in Baltimore for the day (yay!).