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Another beautiful haul this week, including a few items we’ve never tried before. We’ve got: apples, yellow squash, carrots, green beans, onion, turnip, corn, cucumber, mystery winter squash*, sweet potatoes**.

*CSA lady told me this was acorn squash. Upon arriving home and looking it up, I think she’s wrong. But I can’t figure out what it is. Anyone?
**CSA lady told me what these sweet potato thingies are, but I forgot the name. Something about the parts that grow up (out?) of the root. Apparently their sweet potatoes aren’t doing well. She told me to wash ’em and roast ’em. Sure, what the hey.

The Mister is on his own for the first half of the week, as I’m headed back to the homeland (Minnesota) for work. I’ll try to help him out with some simple food ideas while I’m gone, but he’s become quite capable in the kitchen without me. (So proud!)


  • Spaghetti squash with chicken
    I didn’t want make anything complicated for dinner tonight since I’ll be prepping to leave. I’ll adapt this to what we have in the fridge and freezer.




  • Root vegetable stew with herbed dumplings
    This looks like a delicious and hearty dinner that will result in good leftovers. We’ve got a turnip, sweet potatoes, carrots, a beet, and white potatoes. Plus it’s dumplings … what’s not to like?


  • Pumpkin granola
    I’ve wanted to make this for awhile. Sounds so yum.
  • Slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches with Neely’s BBQ sauce
    The Mister is the master of this one. I’ll just sit back and enjoy eating it. We’ll make some kind of veggie side dish (likely green beans, potatoes, or both).