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Woohoo, I’m back with a Sunday full-length food blog. We’re settling into the idea of fall and a routine around here, and I like that. But even if we’re ready for warm crock pot meals and pumpkin-flavored everything, the CSA food still tastes like summer (well, except the apples). We’re trying to eat the freezer and pantry a bit too, which goes along with our no spend September.

This week, we’re working with: broccoli (yay!), bell peppers, poblanos (can they be red? if not, that’s a mystery pepper too), eggplant, mystery long peppers, jalapenos, potatoes, and garlic.


  • Beef with peppers stir fry
    One of many attempts to consume a gazillion peppers this week. I’m planning to add some sweet pineapple to balance the spicy.


  • Herb-roasted eggplant with tomatoes and feta
    One of the comments says to put this on a toasted roll with proscuitto. We have some rolls in the freezer and proscuitto to use up in the fridge. I think I’ll add a thin layer of marinara sauce to complete the delciousness.
  • Garlicky rolled broccoli greens
    We’ve never cooked broccoli greens before. But I figure garlic makes pretty much anything taste good.


  • Loaded baked potatoes with steamed broccoli
    The CSA lady told me to bake the potatoes this week, so I’ll do what I’m told. I love a good baked potato bar, as it was a staple dinner in our house growing up. Maybe we’ll fry up some CSA bacon too.


  • Mahi mahi with melted tomatoes over brown rice
    This recipe calls for salmon, but I believe mahi will suit the recipe fine (since we have it in the freezer).


  • Yoyo
    I figure we’ll have some leftovers in the fridge by Thursday.


  • Fresh salsa
    I’ll make a my own take on Texas Caviar with lots of chopped bell peppers, corn, beans, tomatoes, cumin, lime, and bring that to a potluck we’re attending Friday night.


  • Sweet corn and poblano dip
    Game day snack (college football consumes Saturdays in the fall).
  • Trader Joe’s freezer stuff
    We’ve got orange chicken, pot stickers, fried rice, gnocchi, and possibly more in the freezer. An effortless dinner is nice, especially on a lazy Saturday.