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It’s good to be back in my kitchen experimenting with my CSA goodies. Baking with zucchini went well. I ate roasted veggies for lunches every day. Overall, the Mister and I did a decent job of tackling everything in the fridge the last few days, so when he leaves town for the week, I’ve only got this to conquer:

Corn, yellow beans, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, eggs, green bell peppers, and Hungarian wax peppers.

A full-blown meal plan is not likely this week. Last night we made our version of this eggplant parmesan pizza.

As for other food this week, I’m thinking:

I’m slightly terrified for the hot peppers. I’ve got Scandinavian blood in me, and I don’t have a great palate for spicy food. I can do your basic Mexican food and mild Indian dishes, but exotic peppers? Yikes. Not sure how this will go or if it will go at all.