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The Mister has impressed. He has kept up with most all of the produce on his own for the last 10 days (and he blogged!). He called me and said he was starting to turn green from eating nothing but veggies. I’ve returned to relieve him and didn’t wait a minute to dive back into our tasty produce (my mom has a great garden at home that I benefited from, but not quite as much variety as this).

Here’s what the Mister picked up on Sunday. He’s worked through some of this, and we’ll knock the rest out by the end of the week. We’ve got: kale, cantaloupe, yellow potatoes, red potatoes, white onions, red onions, corn, cucumber, zucchini, beans (green, purple, yellow), and parsley.

Here’s the short meal plan for the rest of this week (since I just got home last night).


  • Buffalo chicken breasts with corn on the cob




  • Greek salad with crusty bread
    We’re going on a picnic! I might get a little crazy and try baking bread myself. I’ve done rolls, breadsticks, bread bowls, pizza dough, quick breads, muffins … but have yet to try baking legit bread.