Hi everyone! This is a guest post by the man lovingly called “The Mister” elsewhere on this blog. I had the pleasure of picking up our CSA this week and trying to figure out how to eat it all by myself. I still don’t have a definite meal plan, other than simply to eat only vegetables for dinner every night. Anyway, here’s the lineup for this week:


That’s beets, a cucumber, pattypan squashes, sweet corn, spring onions, tomatoes, kale, (purple) carrots, zucchini, and last but not least, some sort of pea that I was told to treat like green beans (i.e., I can eat them in the pod). Throw in some mint leaves that I got from a friend Saturday night and that’s quite a load of veggies for one man. So far I have only made it through the beet greens, kale, and tomatoes.

Any ideas for super simple recipes (I am not quite the cook “The Misses” is) would be appreciated.