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Fresh, local, juicy, sweet berries and cherries. Music to my ears. Over the last few weeks, we’ve found ourselves swimming in fresh fruit. And I certainly cannot complain. What’s better than picking your own fruit and eating it fresh off the tree or bush? Not much.

The Mister is working at the Hagley Museum this summer. An old DuPont property, it is home to a copse (I really just wanted use that word in a blog!) of cherry trees, both sweet and sour. The trees are not sprayed or otherwise tended to, and the employees are encouraged to pick as they wish. How lucky are we? The Mister was able to pick a gallon bag full. 

These cherries soon became turnovers, tarts, and oatmeal.

Next came the blueberries. First, I bought some organic blueberries on sale at Whole Foods. Then we got some in our CSA share for the week. Then I decided, what the heck, I’ll go blueberry picking.

Berry picking is really enjoyable. And so is the outcome. So much cheaper than buying in the store, plus you can pop a few here and there while you’re plucking ’em off the bush. So fresh and delicious.

From this came crisp, muffins, pancakes, smoothies, and happy bowls of cereal.

And there’s plenty more where this came in our freezer. Can’t wait for our next “pick your own” adventures. I highly encourage you to find out what’s ripe for the picking in your area. Can’t beat summer fruit.