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We made it through week one and ate almost all our veggies. I’m pretty proud of what we conquered last week, and overall, we enjoyed most of our recipes. But there’s no rest for a CSA member … only more veggies.

We’ve got (clockwise from bottom left): fennel, mustard greens (two varieties), red leaf lettuce, kohlrabi, kale (two varieties), spring onions, green beans. (We gave a bit of kale and some onions to a friend who helped us out by picking up our basket when we were out of town this weekend.)

I feel much better about being able to use all of this week’s produce. Here’s what we’re doing with it.


  • Salad and roasted kohlrabi “fries”
    When we got back from our weekend in DC, we didn’t have any plan for dinner. So we quickly improvised based on what we had left from last week and what was new this week. A simple salad with red leaf lettuce, tomato, spring onion, and croutons, and a side of roasted kohlrabi. Not impressive, but it was quick and easy for our tired selves.


  • Pasta with kale, bacon, and sun-dried tomato with ricotta crostinis
    We subbed whole wheat penne, since that’s what we had on hand. I concocted some crostinis using ricotta we had in the fridge: just added some olive oil, minced garlic, and Italian spices, spread on baguette and broiled. Really yummy dinner.


  • Steak with fried onions, mustard greens, and roasted red potatoes
    This will be our big traditional dinner for the week. This is the kind of thing I don’t really use recipes for, but I tried find ones that are close to what I’m planning in my head (it helps the Mister get dinner started while I’m at yoga).


  • Fontina, fennel, and onion pizza
    We really enjoy making homemade pizza around here. We started this winter and have really gotten good at it. But it’s about time we branch out and try something different for toppings. This fits the bill. My go-to crust is usually whole wheat (subbing bread flour for the AP). I may try Martha’s crust recipe in this link to mix things up.


  • Kohlrabi and spinach au gratin and berry turnovers
    I really wasn’t too keen on kohlrabi last week. The Mister was a bit more accepting of this sister to cabbage. I’m thinking cheese will help. I’ll use this recipe and add in some spinach, maybe even some bacon (twice in one week?! gasp!). I figure I have to give it a little heft if it’s going to stand alone as dinner. Some puff pastry in the freezer has been screaming my name. I’ll answer with some summer berries.


  • Orange chicken with rice and sesame green beens
    The orange chicken is frozen Trader Joe’s. It’s actually really tasty and big chunks of white meat, as opposed to the usual mystery chicken in takeout. Brown rice and some Asian-inspired green beans will make for an easy Friday night.


  • Banana crumb muffins
    We’ve got too many brown bananas in the freezer again. That means it’s time for muffins. I don’t really like banana baked goods, but these, for some reason, agree with me.
  • Yoyo (you’re on your own)
    Technically, this meal plan should use almost all of our CSA bounty for the week. So come Saturday, we’ll either have leftovers, eat out, or wing it at home. Whatever it is, I don’t care to plan it.