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Here it is: our first official CSA week. Due to this new food source, our meal planning practices have to change. No longer will we be planning on Thursday nights. We’ve shifted to Sunday meal planning and grocery shopping after we pick up our CSA share at the farmers’ market. It definitely poses new challenges and new opportunities to try all kinds of crazy recipes. We’ve got a number of veggies this week that we’ve never tried or at least don’t have much experience cooking with. The mister is already slightly concerned about “turning into a bunny rabbit.”

Without further ado: our loot for week 1. From top to bottom, we’ve got radicchio, Italian dandelion greens, spring onions, kohlrabi, radishes, kale, mustard greens, snow peas.


  • Pancakes
    The mister took his first shot at preparing our official house pancakes. We sub in 1/2 cup corn flour and eat a whole batch between the two of us.
  • Sauteed radishes and sugar snaps with dill
    We took this salad on a picnic this afternoon, along with some bread, cheesecake, and wine. We were able to use three box items: peas, onions, and radishes. It turned out pretty well. I thought some feta would have been a great compliment. Ultimately, it got the mister to eat radishes: win.


  • Whole wheat blueberry muffins
    I whipped these up tonight so we have some quick breakfast items this week. I didn’t have whole wheat pastry flour on hand, so I did half all purpose/half 100% whole wheat. These are a hearty, healthier muffin — not a cupcake-type muffin. (Yes, I tested one already. Busted.)
  • Dandelion greens with white beans
    Dandelion greens are a bit intimidating because everything I’ve read thus far says “BITTER!” But our “CSA lady” (I need a better name for her…) told us “they purify your blood,” and who doesn’t want that?! Hah. Anyway, we’re going to make this simple recipe using both dandelion and mustard greens. We had mustard greens last week, and once sauteed, they were pretty mild. So maybe they’ll help mellow out the bitter? We’ll find out. Serving with crusty bread.


  • Crock pot BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with kale chips
    This is the mister’s meal. He made this pulled pork recipe a few months ago. Turned out well, so we’re sticking with it. Kale chips are something I’ve seen quite a bit on food websites, but have never tried. They seem simple and popular, so what are we waiting for?


  • Seared Alaskan cod with sweet corn, kohlrabi, and tomato compote
    This, I believe, is our greatest undertaking this week. We opted for cod as our “whitefish.” Fish is not a favorite of this mister, but I think it’s slowly growing on him. We’ve never had kohlrabi. Not really sure what to expect (it’s in the cabbage family?), but this recipe got some pretty good reviews.


  • Penne with roasted chicken and radicchio 
    We’re going to cook up some chicken breasts for this simple pasta dish. I’ve only ever had radicchio in a salad, but supposedly it gets milder when you cook it, which I am anxious to taste.


  • Yoyo (you’re on your own)
    We’re heading to DC for the weekend to visit some friends, so we’ll wing it on Friday when we’re trying to get on the road.


  • Out (DC)