Really excited about some new recipes this week and some old favorites.


  • Monkey bread with caramel sauce and pecans
    (Growing up, my sister and I used to make a really simple version of monkey bread: Pillsbury refrigerator biscuits and cinnamon sugar. I never realized there was anything beyond that, or that there needed to be. I received this Nordic Ware pan and mix as a bridal shower gift, so we whipped up a fancy version of monkey bread for breakfasts this weekend.)
  • Out: Mad Macs
    (We snagged a Groupon for this restaurant and had some yummy and elaborate mac and cheese.)


  • Minestrone with kale and crusty bread
    (I’ve made this recipe about a half dozen times now. I guess that means it’s becoming a staple? I love how simple it is to make, and how much flavor it really has without adding any additional seasonings. And the best part: it’s full of healthy veggies.)



  • Marinated chicken breasts with balsamic roasted tomatoes
    (We have yet to make a successful chicken breast in our married life. They’re always boring or burned or dry. I don’t think we’re trying hard enough. I’m going for a serious marinade and thin-cut chicken breasts. Hoping for the best. The tomatoes are a Pinterest recipe that doesn’t have a source link. Sounds super easy and delish for a side.)


  • Yoyo
    (You’re on your own.)


  • Steak stir fry with rice
    (Looking forward to trying a new stir fry recipe. We tend to make a lot of veggie and chicken stir fry around here, so a beef stir fry with pineapple and edamame is something different.)


  • Corn and black bean enchiladas
    (I came up with this dish a few years ago and have made very few changes from the original. I saute up some onion, garlic, and red pepper, toss in corn and black beans, and wrap the mixture up with shredded cheese in corn tortillas. Smother it in red enchilada sauce and bake. Oh man, I’m excited for Friday.)