No meal plan posted last week because I’ve been in Minneapolis all week for work. The Mister did create a meal plan for himself while I was gone, but he only loosely followed it. After being gone and eating out a lot, this week’s meal plan focuses on getting back to healthy eating.


  • Cashew chicken lettuce wraps
    (We made these back in January and they were really good. It’s about time to bring them back. We add raw shredded carrot and red pepper, and cooked rice noodles to give the filling more variety. Plus it’s fun to assemble each lettuce wrap a little differently. A very interactive meal.)


  • Steel cut oats with applesauce and cinnamon
    (I’m going to make my own variation, but I like the idea of a brulee topping in this recipe.)
  • Lemon and dill salmon with mashed potatoes and green beans
    (We had basically this same meal a couple weeks ago. The Mister and I split an 8 oz. salmon filet last time, and we have another one in the freezer to eat. Mashed potatoes will feature some combination of milk, butter, cheese, garlic — whatever is in the fridge. Frozen green beans round it out.)


  • Spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette
    (It’s getting warm and that means I generally crave lighter food. I want to try all kinds of salads this summer. But we’re starting with a pretty basic one.)


  • Turkey sloppy joes and sweet potato fries
    (I will doctor this Rachael Ray recipe for turkey sloppy joes until it tastes good to me. I may even throw it in the slow cooker while I’m at yoga. Sweet potato fries are a staple around here and so easy. Just peel, slice, toss in olive oil and desired spices, and bake at 450 for about 25 mins.)


  • Yoyo (you’re on your own)


  • Bulgur chickpea salad
    (This recipe is inspired by the clearance rack at the grocery store. Yes, they have that. And the Mister and I have started scoping it out weekly to see what’s there. Most stuff is 50% off and you can find some treasures that aren’t expired or damaged. Bob’s Red Mill bulgur was one of my finds. I’ve never had this grain [or at least never cooked with it] but that didn’t stop me from throwing it in the cart. We’ll make a tabbouleh-type salad. I’m opting for cucumber and tomato instead of the carrots. Excited to see how we like this.)


  • Pancakes with bacon and fruit
    (Brinner! … I’ve never used that word before. Thought we’d mix it up and have our favorite breakfast as a Friday night treat instead. This is our go-to pancake recipe, but I like to play around with the flour types. I add some corn flour, maybe whole wheat, and even oatmeal to up the nutrition. I also scale back the baking powder since the batter gets insanely airy.)