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Whoa, this week flew by and I failed to post anything after my last meal plan. I’ll fix that soon, I promise. Before we get to something new and exciting, here’s this week’s meal plan.


  • Out: Chat and Chew on the Farm
    (Tonight we went to visit our CSA farm. They had a meet and greet social with apps and drinks, which served as our dinner. Tons of delicious homemade snacks and desserts. More about The Farm Stuff [our CSA] soon.)


  • Pancakes with bacon and fruit
    (Just a couple months ago, I tried making pancakes from scratch for the first time. I was raised on Bisquick and the last few years have primarily used Trader Joe’s multigrain baking mix. What the hell took me so long? This recipe is easy and delicious. I swap in 1/2 cup of corn flour [masa harina], still 1.5 cups total flour. It adds a nice texture. I’ve also incorporated whole wheat flour and oats for a multigrain pancake. Stick with the original recipe or get creative. Both options are good.)
  • Out: Iron Hill Brewery
    (The Mister’s best man is going to be in town a couple days, so we’ll take him out one night.)


  • Pizza: 1) arugula, blue cheese, proscuitto, fig jam and 2) spinach, ricotta, tomato
    (The Mister and I have really gotten into making homemade pizza. I’ve tried a few different dough recipes. For this week, we’ll use this whole wheat pizza crust recipe but sub bread flour for the AP flour, as that will give it a chewier texture. More about the wonders of flour in another post. As for the preparation, both pizzas come from a cookbook we got as a wedding gift. We’ve had them both already and they’re amaaazing.)


  • Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice and naan
    (We really enjoy Indian food around here. This meal’s pretty easy because the tikka masala sauce  and naan are from Trader Joe’s. I had a huge stock up trip to TJ’s yesterday, which will be reflected in our meals the next couple weeks. It’s about 35 minutes away, so when we get there, we do it big.)


  • White bean soup and bread
    (Looks like an easy and healthy soup. I’ll use vegetable broth and garlic to up the flavor profile. Thinking I’ll send the Mister out to pick up some bread that day, as he’s on spring break this week.)


  • Baked spinach ricotta pasta
    (This will be a wing it meal, which I’ve been known to do successfully. Basically, I know we’ll have leftover pizza toppings and sauce, so I’ll turn it into a pasta dish. Some combination of this one and this one, I suspect.)


  • Steak with arugula and baked potato
    (Once again, using up a pizza topping, this time as a “garnish” for our protein. We’re using this preparation but a different cut of beef. Meat and potatoes: a real down-home American meal.)