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For the last couple years, I have loathed my spice cabinet and spice rack. I’ve cursed at the disorganized pile, unable to find what I needed. I’ve struggled to force my measuring spoons into their tiny openings. I’ve pouted over the inconsistency in size and style of the bottles. I’ve complained about the space they take up on the counter and in the cabinet. I’ve felt guilty over the amount of packaging I go through buying jar after jar of cinnamon or rosemary. I’ve failed to find a manufactured spice storage set that includes all the spices I like keep on hand.

After searching high and low for a spice solution, I finally found one that seemed to solve all of my concerns: the DIY magnetic spice rack. I followed this tutorial almost exactly. Here’s a few shots of the process.

First things first: make a list of the spices you plan to have as your house staples. Go through your current supply and dump out anything expired. Recycle your containers, please.

Rather than chasing around for materials, I bought most of mine online:

I felt guilty at first about how much I spent. Then I realized I will use a lot of these tools and materials again (extra paper, magnets, glue). The process took a couple evenings to complete. I won’t rehash all the steps, since you can read the blog linked above and basically see the process via my photos.

For the labels, I found a chevron pattern online and tweaked the color to get a pretty aqua, then created my labels in Adobe InDesign (it’s simpy the Adobe program I’m most comfortable with). You could easily do them in any photo software or Microsoft Word. I wanted mine to be easy to cut, so I went with a pattern that bled to the edges.

For the sheet metal, I talked to an orange-aproned friend at Home Depot and he helped me pick the weight and type of metal. Forgive me, I don’t remember what it was. But it was less than $10 for two pieces. The Mister and I tried to drill holes in it in order to screw it into the kitchen wall. And that plan failed. So we took out a hammer and nail and did it the old fashioned way.

The rack has been up for a few months, and I love it. It looks cool. It’s quick to access when cooking. I can easily measure my spices. I can buy spices in bulk to refill. My cabinets and counter top are clear of clutter. Amen!